Water Conservation

At St. John Eco Suites, we use a cistern and water tanks for rainwater catchment, Water Sense, EPA-certified shower heads and toilets, water-conservation faucets, and grey water systems.  Our controlled runoff and collection of rainwater reduces the need for hard impervious paving.

Eco-Friendly Materials

At St. John Eco Suites, we use non- or low-VOC paints, caulks, and adhesives.  We also use non-toxic, PVC-free, eco-safe PEVA shower curtains, down alternative eco-comforters, hypoallergenic sheets and mattress protectors and 100% Egyptian cotton-combed duvet covers.    

Solar Power

St. John Eco Suites uses a solar water heating system and we are in the process of converting to 100% solar energy to reduce our reliance on the local utility company.  We also actively use solar products such as chargers and lighting.


Permaculture designers are encouraged to develop awareness of the patterns that exist in nature (and how they function) and how these patterns can be utilized to satisfy the objectives of  St. John Eco Suites.  We incorporate permaculture design and premier local natural building materials while complimenting the surrounding natural environment

Respect the Animals

Our environment here at St. John Eco Suites is peaceful and quiet, interdependent on plant and animal life. Roaming around, you will likely see animals such as peacocks, goats, roosters, hens, guinea fowl, cats and dogs (fenced and leashed).

Build It Right

Our site design included:  minimal bush removal, passive solar gain and prevailing breezes, controlled runoff and rainwater collection, efficient cooling system, low-emission windows, no-VOC paints and cabinets, LED lighting and recycled materials.